Prepare for student trip

At Prodigy Student Travel, we strongly believe the preparation process is critical to our mission of providing a safe, educational and fun tour.

Please refer to our What to Bring List for a detailed list of suggested items to pack.

Our unique and comprehensive pre-trip service includes:

  • Parent Meetings — to discuss the tour and answer questions from your community
  • Chaperone Planning Meeting — to discuss and clarify chaperone responsibilities while on tour
  • Payment Processing Services — whether the payments come to the school or to Prodigy directly, our staff is available to answer questions and assist with the process
  • Fundraising Ideas — we are happy to provide ideas for school-based fundraising projects and suggestions for working with a professional fundraising company
  • What to Bring List — we give every student a list of suggested items to pack for the upcoming trip.

Important links to help your planning efforts: The Weather Channel, Department of Homeland Security, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

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